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There was no place to put a shelter in the house and it was my opinion to say that it would only be a storeroom if installed.

But disasters will not wait.

The result we seriously considered is this "Life Guards" series.

Earthquake resistant table of "Life Guards" is a type of evacuation facility that can be placed in a completely new room.

Table type

" Lifeguards shelter" respond to Earthquakes, illegal home invasion, air pollution, nuclear disasters.

Secure enough indoor space

Shelter is almost the same size as general capsule hotel.

If you are evacuating with just one person, there is enough space so you can relax and have enough sleep.

In case of emergency, we can accommodate 3 to 4 people, we can have TV and air conditioner, so we can spend peacefully at the shelter along with the important family during the most vulnerable night.

The shelter of ”LIFEGUARDS” is an entirely new room-type evacuation facility designed to be usable, usually  as a table and usually as a bed.

Body rigidity is standard specification, As Strength: Withstand load of more than 10 tons, "Life space" is secured from natural disasters such as earthquake and landslide disaster.

An optional positive pressure device is equipped with a high-performance special filter, and by setting the shelter itself to positive pressure (high pressure), it prevents contaminants from entering from outside, and it can remove fine particles such as PM 2.5 and pollen and It is possible to remove from the allergen and radioactive substances.

A shelter of "Life gards"  that combines design that can be used everyday and high performance will protect valuable life from danger assumed from the earthquake to nuclear disaster as "familiar shelter" in case of emergency.


Let's get started!

It is from this time to start preparing for disasters that you do not know when it will happen.

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